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I would like to make small fine publication of the Dutchman René Knip attentive on. It is not again - 2004 appeared - however too beautiful, in order not to present it here. René Knip, which reported also on the Typo Berlin 2005 on its projects, presents here a small summary from 10 years work. The book consists of two parts: Ten Years OF type Related Projects - and if one turns and from the other side to to read begins it: Ten Years OF Custom of alphabet. Knip, formerly lawyer, develops writings completely particularly for projects. They are also not offered for the sales. One discovers the quality of the writings often only in the conversion in the three-dimensional area. René Knip sketches also objects and develops space concepts for exhibitions and shop mechanisms in co-operation with interior decorators. The work reflects its desire to shapes.


"Form is Emptiness. Emptiness is Form."

A line from the Heart Sutra, an important Buddhist text

Grafikai felhasználás minta 2.

Grafikai felhasználás minta

Ez a plakát jó példa a megtervezendő betű felhasználhatóságára, vizuális erejére, amit fokoz a fotós fekete-fehérsége és a tipográfia erőteljes szín és formanyelveének kontrasztja.

Még néhány betűminta

Ennek a fontnak az az érdekessége, hogy teljesen megfelel a feladatkiírásnak és ráadásul négy változata létezik, és ezek az évszakok nevét viselik. A betű neve Arvore.


Első feladat az elsősöknek

A félév első részében egy komplex feladatot fogtok megoldani, aminek a témája az évszakok lesz, majd ennek kibővítése később a hónapokra.
Az első megoldandó feladatrész egy logo értékű betűkép létrehozatala a Seasons szó felhasználásával, azzal a kiegészítéssel, hogy ez anyagból, pl. papírból, vagy fémből kivágható legyen. Ezt a betűtípust stencil betűnek is nevezik, ezek negatívját eredetileg sablonként arra használták, hogy pl. csomagolásokra, ládákra fújjanak fel velük számokat, betűket. Jellegzetessége, hogy a kieső közepű betűk pl. o, e, d, b... közepe egy szárral illeszkedik a betű többi részéhez, azaz megmarad, de mégis egy sajátos hangulatú betűképet eredményez. Ilyen jellegű, azaz technikailag így tervezendő feliratot kérek, ami viszont nem egy egyszerű kiírás, hanem ennél átgondoltabb, tervezettebb, de mégis megfelelel ezeknek a kritériumoknak. Tervezési idő 2 hét, de közben kaptok egy másik feladatot is az órán.
A félévnek ebben a szakaszában manuális munkát kérek!!! A többit élőben, Dóra

Seasons betű minta insirációk

Seasons betű minta

Kivágott betű

April Greiman SCIA logo

Stencil betű használatban

Magyar emblémák /link itt/


Nate & Sol's

Identity and packaging for an old fashioned family baker

Beaty is Kitsch, Art is Shit..

A poster and editorial spread debating modern design aesthetics

The L.Contra Band

Custom type treatment and package designed for a winter-themed album by the Boston-based band

Never Say Never

Three spreads from a book exploring typography and found images

West 4th Street Basketball Court

Identity and sign-up sheet concepts for the West 4th Street Basketball cour

Sports Icons Museum Student work

Museum of Contemporary Art Invite for USA WEEKEND

This save the date and invitation was created for potential advertisers to come and have a good time in the Chicago Museum of Contemporary Art and get to know USA WEEKEND Magazine. I created this piece in conjuction with the USA WEEKEND events department.

Kindling_the loudspeakers

Stationery and a standard manual design for the Kindling, loudspeakers brand. Other branding programs will be seen next. Posters for the loudspeakers Kindling. Created its logo which represents a growth(annual) ring and sound. Open containers and inner containers.

Lost In Brooklyn Studio Identity

Founded in 1995 with my wife and partner Mic Holwin, our "small but mighty" studio needed an identity that reflected our eclectic style and love of the county of Kings. "Not fer nutin', we're from Brooklyn!

convention materials

AuthorHouse Identity and Brand Book

AuthorHouse is a self-publishing firm. Prior to 2004 they were know as 1stBooks.

Agency - Palio Communications


Various Logos

rom top to bottom: Catalyst Video Gaming System, Saddle Creek Records, NY Aquarium Service, Dekko (a home product line), Obscure Window Treatments, Sugar (a retail line), Sleep (a nightclub), Triumph Natural Cat Food, Integra Bank, Carbon Stock (a stock photography agency)

Elsősöknek: Pantone Promotional Calender

This keyring calender promotes new seasonal color palettes to designers. After the swatches are torn off, each month is still ntact and can easily fit in a wallet.


These are a few branding samples for Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Utility and Non-Profit companies.

Eden bar

This is a proposal for an NYC nightclub called EDEN; a venue showcasing international, electronic-music dj's and performers. This panel displays the club's business identity (left), bar materials including 4 coasters, 2 reciepts and a glow-stick bar menu (center), and floor plan (right).

student work

Identity System Concept ) Reston Shirt and Graphic, Co

When developing the logotype and security pattern for this small, privately owned silk-screening company, I thought about the shape and constant movement of the screens. The soft curve on the top of the letterhead and business card resemble the neckline on a t-shirt--the product this company primarily deals with.

Adobe Caslon Typeface Promotional Box and Cards

o help display the beauty of the serif typeface, eight cards were designed using one of its numerous variations in the Adobe Caslon family. An elegant box was also created to house these eight promotional cards.


Museum of Human Evolution, Abacus Insurance, Mountain Peak Ski Lifts, The 5 Spot Bar, New Leaf Recycled Paper, Hispanyc Films, Mesma Group Logo, Landlord Band, Reformist Party Movement.


Identities left to right: Uprooted Studios, Advent Design, FTC Methods Inc., Ethecs Design, No Kid'n Records, Rationale Designs.

Inspiration comes from our surroundings. It’s our ability to understand what we see, and how we adapt that knowledge to a medium that enables us to create something beautiful

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