Stancolt betű felhasználása könyvborítón

I would like to make small fine publication of the Dutchman René Knip attentive on. It is not again - 2004 appeared - however too beautiful, in order not to present it here. René Knip, which reported also on the Typo Berlin 2005 on its projects, presents here a small summary from 10 years work. The book consists of two parts: Ten Years OF type Related Projects - and if one turns and from the other side to to read begins it: Ten Years OF Custom of alphabet. Knip, formerly lawyer, develops writings completely particularly for projects. They are also not offered for the sales. One discovers the quality of the writings often only in the conversion in the three-dimensional area. René Knip sketches also objects and develops space concepts for exhibitions and shop mechanisms in co-operation with interior decorators. The work reflects its desire to shapes.