Nihao Magazine, Graz

Nihao.Mag is a young independent magazine that commits itself to the areas of art and design in relation to socio cultural backgrounds. Every issue of Nihao. Mag is dedicated to the creative processes of a country, its culture, its customs and distinctiveness.

... contextualises and questions. Even controversial and society critical topics find their place.
... opens itself up to the world and takes a look behind the curtain of contemporary
art and culture.
... creates a pool of talented and dedicated people who want to look beyond one's own nose.
... offers the reader characteristic aesthetics that provides him with a view on other cultures
and that lets the creatives have their say.
... is a handy work of reference that is interesting, inspiring and fascinating and will become
a collector's item for some readers.

The publishers commit themselves completely to the guideline "designers mustn't only deal with design, artists not only with art."