Europe 2020 /link/

Winner: Alenka Lalić
Author's text: The tailor takes his scissors and carefully cuts the fabric... What is Europe going to look like in 2020? Are its borders going to be wider or narrower? Is it going to be "tailor-made" to suit the man in the street or the politicians? It remains to be seen. In 2020.

2nd prize: Angie Rattay
Author's text: In my poster I show the shapes of the 25 EU-countries. Through overlapping them I want to show that the goal of the EU should be to find the smallest common denominator, the mutualities of all countries (marked with the stars in my poster), without influencing the characteristics of different countries. In the poster the shapes of the countries stand for the differences of them. Each country should have the possibility to keep their characteristics, their culture, their features during being part of Europe. With overlapping the blue transparent country shapes we get a space in the middle of my poster, which results in the blue colour of the EU-flag.

3rd prize: Nebojša Uglješić, Marko Čižmešinkin
Author's text: The idea of this poster is to show EU today in a form of a circle in which stars are standing and facing each other. This symbolizes EU today; countries are more occupied with themselves and with the problems within the Union. In the same time, they are closed from the outside. The second circle in which stars are still standing in the circle, but facing outwards, represents EU in the future; more open and friendly to other countries and the rest of the world.