Yokoland: Under the Bush, exhibtion at Analogue

Yokoland is a young Norwegian design collective. Their brazen, homespun work is best appreciated as a multi-facetted and seemingly insatiable approach to cultural production, often weaving curious narratives or fantasy worlds into their exhibitions. Known for photography, painting, sculpture, and outdoor installations as well as designing t-shirts, theatre sets, books, album covers and websites, Yokoland’s cross- disciplinary practice also extends to the Metronomicon Audio music label.
102 West Bow
Edinburgh EH1 2HH

Phaidon: Fork




Logo R.I.P. is a commemoration of logos that were once an integral part of our ocular landscape but are now deemed defunct - due to either mergers, acquisitions, bankruptcy or rebranding strategies. This book, compiled and designed by the Stone Twins, is a dignified final send-off for an international selection of graphic icons from the previous century.


What day is it?

A typographic calendar which offers a fresh approach to, not only its appearance, but its content and function. This calendar goes against the usual 'plaatjc praatjc' design of calendars. By basing the design of the calendar on light (explanation) and dark (unknown), an interesting design has been produced that allows functionality and design to sit side by side.
Design — Ampersand8