Két új poster a Typecuts-tól 2006

Neville Brody 2000

Art in Sacred Spaces revitalises traditional links between art and religion in an innovative collaboration between artists, faith communities and schools. Twelve places of worship in East London form a unique exhibition trail.

Artists include: Danien Hirst, Tracy Emin, Claude Heath, David Cotterell and Rachel Whiteread. RS developed the whole identity, including posters and venue leaflets, as well as being called upon to take part in the event as the exhibiting artist at the East London Mosque.

The 12 venues (places) are signed on a diagram of the london map. We create an abstract icon for each artist/space. The shapes are originated from the intersection of the word "sacred" and the word "spaces". The intersection decompose the letters into separate indipendent pieces. The result is a mix of heavely cropped type.