A sad day for British design.

On the 21st September, one of my heros of modern British design died, Alan Fletcher, someone who's ideas, typography, wit and style has greatly influenced my thinking on design passed away.


IRaq-IPod......Mirko Ilic előadása után....

This series of guerilla posters popped up all over Los Angeles in 2004 — a perfect example of asymmetrical activism at its most subliminal. The west coast versions were designed by Forkscrew Graphics to blend into Apple Computer's own viral postering efforts. Silkscreened posters available from the Center for the Study of Political Graphics.

56kTV - bastard channel /link itt/

56kTV - bastard channel is a co-production of xcult.org and the Swiss Art Foundation Pro Helvetia, with participating artists and authors from Germany, France, Japan, Mexico, South Corea, Switzerland and USA. bastard channel is a cross between a television and a web project, a platform in the Internet that tells the story of itself as a television channel.
The project employs the techniques and forms of the WWW, but is oriented to suit the formats of TV-channels: news, quiz, documentary soaps, action movies etc. The project also takes on the form of daily and weekly programs from the real TV-channels. Individual contributions of our project will be available in the Web only at definite times. If one wants to see more, then one will have to consult the program schedule of our TV-program. Our project will suspend the unrestricted availability of the net and the quick consumability of its contents. A text feature from international authors will accompany the TV-project and the individual art-contributions in the form of an online program-magazine. The texts will serve the purpose of theoretical reflection and project dissemination.



idPure 2005 TYPE

New FontBook from FontShop


Book of finest photorealistic graffiti.


Hidden Track

Hidden Track shows how contemporary visual culture is breaking out of the second dimension and printed form and entering into three-dimensional space, where it can be experienced. The book demonstrates how rooms are being occupied creatively and how items are being transformed. It presents the diverse exhibition possibilities that currently exist – a spectrum ranging from live painting to installations and 3D objects.
At the same time the book illustrates how urban and street art have recently broken even further out of the subculture and are being featured more often in galleries and museums worldwide. It analyses how these public art forms are being perceived in an international art context and investigates the fundamentally different forms of presentation that this new context demands.
Through abundant images and incisive text Hidden Track also introduces the artists and exhibition spaces that are taking current visual culture out of the underground to the level of high culture.

Genevieve Gauckler: Gas Book 15

Genevieve Gauckler is a Paris based artist who creates numerous lovable characters, blends them into everyday life scenes and turns the fantastical world into reality with her magical power. Her artwork series "Photostory" which captures the everyday scenery of Paris interwoven by her characters wandering about and creates world that is floating between the reality and the unreality. She has an experience of working at the British design company "Me Company". She is currently busy creating work for a Paris design collective "Pleix", working on various projects like website, illustration and animation. Imported from Japan.