Chaumont 2006 III. helyezett

3e prix - M/M (Paris)
Los Angeles, 2005, Paris

Chaumont 2006 II. helyezett

2e prix - Harmen Liemburg
Fall Lecture Series, 2005, Pays-Bas

Chaumont 2006 I. helyezett

1er prix - Logvin Design, Andrey Logvin
Museum Night Taste of Life, 2006, Russie

Diploma 2006 MKE, MOME


Könyvajánló: Tres Logos

edited by R. Klanten, N. Bourquin, T. Geiger
Logo design is one of the most crucial and challenging tasks in graphic design. Seemingly simple, The Logo becomes the indispensable face of companies and conveys the brand’s identity and philosophy. Los Logos and Dos Logos documented this unceasing evolution. Expanding on the previous editions, Tres Logos demonstrates how influences from illustration and street art have become increasingly evident in logo design inspiring ornamental patterns with logos replacing the abstract tag. Additionally, companies are becoming more daring and exploiting their logos to identify their brand with a certain style and appeal. Fully indexed and structured thematically, the book draws connections between the applications and the field for which it was intended. Like its predecessors, Tres Logos explores the exceptional visual language and stylistic approaches to logo creation by designers around the globe, exhibiting thousands of examples and simultaneously providing information about the “makers’” personal approach.

Könyvajánló: Altitude

Contemporary Swiss Graphic Design
Language: bilingual German/English
edited by R. Klanten, N. Bourquin
October 04. 2006


Aktualitás: Aktuelles zur Diplomausstellung

Fachhochschule Mainz
Fachbereich Gestaltung


BASTARD Choose my Identity
Tell me who I am and give me a face. In it you will find facets of me, but also see a reflection of yourself.
The idea behind BASTARD was to bring together photographers, writers, illustrators, graphic designers, musicians and typographers to create a solid and unique book that also functions as a work of art. The profoundly personal impressions of the authors and artists have become intertwined and their distinct and individual visions have served to shed light on our modern culture -- on daily life, on the themes of change and continuity, and on the pervasive branding that is all around us. We must define who we are, be able to form both national and personal identities for ourselves, and in this journey we may come to see that globalization is not a completely negative force. Instead, the trend and phenomenon of globalization offers us proof that we are living in an era as exciting as one could imagine




CYAN -Berlin

Engaged and talented, the Berliner graphic designers expose themselves to Anatome
A CYAN-t 1992-ben alapította Daniela Haufe és Detler Fiedler és hamarosan Berlin
leginnovatívabb tervezô studiójává váltak.

Change is Good

Multinational stars hexagonal graphics



A Moholy-Nagy Művészeti Egyetem tisztelettel meghívja Önt,
KONTAKT című kiállítására, amely a Ravensburgi Művészeti Egyetem
tipográfia szakirány tanárainak és hallgatóinak munkáiból ad válogatást.
egnyitó: 2006.május 22. 17 óra
A kiállítást megnyitja: Bernd Finger,
a Német Nagykövetség kulturális és
oktatási referense
Helyszín: Barabás-villa
1122 Budapest, Városmajor u. 44.

New Apple Store

Grand Opening
When the Apple Store, Fifth Avenue, opens it will stay open 24/7/365, so we can help you around the clock. To celebrate our new store, we’re giving away an amazing new MacBook every hour for 24 hours straight*. And the first 2,500 customers receive a commemorative T-shirt. Please join us Friday, for the first of many all-nighters.
The Apple Store, Fifth Avenue is located at 767 Fifth Avenue at 59th Street.

Ortlos: Architecture of the Networks

"Ortlos: Architecture of the Networks" 216 pages book,
by ortlos architects and david carson, foreword by thom mayne.
published by Hatje Cantz