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Studio Najbrt/cz/ Czechmania 2004

Czechmania 2004
Štěpánka Stein, Salim Issa (Photo)
The Czechmania exhibition project was prepared by the Czech Centre in London and shown in Berlin and Birmingham. Photographs by Štěpánka Stein and Salim Issa were used together with an ornamentally decomposed Czechmania logotype. The project includes four posters, leaflets, exhibition graphics, and lightboxes

Studio Najbrt/cz/ Mimolimit 2002

Prostor – architektura, interiér, design 2002
The first book by the Mimolimit design studio includes restaurant, café and apartment interiors as well as product design and jewellery.

Cseh színház és filmplakátok, Studio Najbrt



A study about reading in the future, three books in one. Statement of this project is that people will be able to handle several documents at the same time because of working with multimedia nowadays.


Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered: Spatial Emotion in Contemporary Art and Architectur

BKK Architects

Designing Type II.

Designing Type I.

As one of a graphic designer’s most essential tools, typefaces influence the appearance of visual print materials perhaps more than any other component. This essential book explains the processes behind creating and designing type. Author Karen Cheng discusses issues of structure, optical compensation, and legibility, with special emphasis given to the often overlooked relationships between letters and shapes in a font.
The book is illustrated with numerous diagrams that demonstrate visual principles and letter construction, ranging from informal progress sketches to final type designs and diagrams. A wide range of classic and modern typefaces is analyzed, including those from many premier contemporary type foundaries. Introductory essays and diagrams emphasize the history of type, the primary systems of typeface classification, the two main proportional systems for type, the parts of a letter, the effects of new technology on design methodology, the optical illusions that affect density and balance in letterforms, and the differences in form between basic serif typestyles. The book provides detailed guidelines for creating serif and sans serif letters, numbers, punctuation, and accents.


Programajánló: Méliscénes

Exhibition of Iranian Posters Designed For Poster Exhibitions

22 Dec. 2005 to 4 Jan. 2006, 9 AM to 7 PM
Tehran Gallery (Tehran University, Faculty of Fine Arts)